Letter from the Director 2018

Dear Friends,


The distinct needs of individuals across the lifespan are a key focus for students and faculty here in the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Human Ecology. Whether we’re exploring the needs of children and families at various stages of life; designing apparel and creating textiles for wearers of differing ages and circumstances; or studying human nutritional needs, from the prenatal to geriatric years, we are honoring the ways that every person manages to become something new, again and again, over the course of time.

We believe there is great value in examining the elements of daily life that can count most in promoting wellbeing: the food we eat, the people we spend our days with and the healthy communities where we live. For people of every age and from every background, we’re learning more about how what we study and teach here in the School of Human Ecology factors into people’s health and experiences of fulfillment. 

Thank you for reading this, our third edition of the School’s newsletter, and for your ongoing partnership in the important research and teaching mission of our school.



Deborah Jacobvitz

School of Human Ecology