The Texas Scientist is an award-winning publication of the College of Natural Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin.

Published each spring for alumni and friends of the College, the magazine is a digest of the people and groundbreaking discoveries that make this college one of the most creative and interesting places on Earth.

In 2016, a fall companion publication for alumni and friends of the College's School of Human Ecology debuted. Gearing Up is named for Gearing Hall, the historic building on the Forty Acres where the School is based.

Editor: Christine Sinatra

Design: David Steadman and Jenna Luecke

Contributing staff writers:
Vivian Abagiu
Marc Airhart
Esther Robards-Forbes
Steve Franklin

Illustrations: Jenna Luecke

Additional contributors:
Ellen Airhart (2016)
Juan Lozano (2017)
Jeff Mertz (2016)
Kristin Phillips (2016 and Gearing Up)
Annie Zhang (2018)